Friday, April 29

my HelloKitty gift!

Last month i joined the 'Hello Kitty and You' competition, the picture with the most number of Facebook LIKE's will win stuff from the HelloKitty Diamond collection. Actually it was a competition for the people in Malaysia XD and you guys know that i live in the Netherlands right =P but ok it was fun! even i didn't win =) you can see my picture at the right side of my blog.

After a while i received a message! they told me they will send me a gift for my support! =D 
I was surprised! I especially want to thank Jeffrey! =) and the company. Thank You!
Check out their FACEBOOOK! *click for more!

I also want to thank the PEOPLE who voted for me!
Thankyou for your likes! i really appreciate it! and sorry for the FB spam =P
The people who didn't vote for me, i know some are busy or some just didn't know me very well it's ok =) but i know there were some people who just ignore my msg XD ok i don't care but don't blame me if i don't vote for you or something in the future MUAHAHA!

I really love the gift! it's a mobile charm from the Hello Kitty Diamond collection! beautiful!

I want to thank:

 Total 81 votes. Also thanks to the other 39 votes from the people i didn't know =)


Yak Man said...

omg, wat cool! :O
Wat jammer dat je niet had gewonnen, maar wel leuk dat zo iets heb gekregen!

❤ Moon ❤ said...

Zo schattig :D!!

Ice Pandora said...

Volgende keer doe ik ook mee! Ik win niet maar zo,n poedelprijs wil ik wel haha <3


GretchTM said...

Very cute! That was nice of them! :)

Hercy said...

Aww that's sweet! I think the charm is really cute! I did not know you participated, though... :) I should have voted for you. ^^

Kym said...

Awww, that's nice of them to still give you a gift even though you didn't win! I used to have TONS of HK stuff when i was younger and lived in HK... somewhere along the way, i got 'over' it and now i'm back to loving them! Too bad i got rid of all my stuff when i moved from Hong kong to N.America. =/

Florence said...

congrats girl!

Thanks for your darling comment on my blog! Loves...

Cindy Karmoko said...

congrats!!! said...

the charm looks lovely :)

- -

Mica ^_^ said...

that's alot of hello kitty stuff u've got there! i used to have sanrio magazines, n there'll be this section whr gurls in japan send in pics of their room full of hello kitty prdts! is that the contest u're talking abt here?

congrats on ur gift! it's really pretty:)

Mica ^_^ said...

thanks for the visit n for following! Oh yes! It's a M'sian contest!! Sorry abt it, it slipped outta my mind the moment i read it; i really do live up to my nicknames of BlurQueen & Scatterbrain >_<

but congrats anyways on the little gift!

suki pooki said...

That charm is adorable! Super sweet of them to send you something in appreciation! Spread the Kitty love right? =)