Tuesday, April 26

Pass pass pass!

Let me pass my 'advanced marketing management' exam pleaSSssse!
My SUMMERHOLIDAY starts in June! one month to go!
How about you all? any plans already?

Those are fake glasses btw =P just a black frame, without any uhh..glass? XD


Yak Man said...

wat leer je bij advanced marketing management :D?
weijo zo snel vakantie ;o.
in welke jaar zit je nu?

Hercy said...

Cute!! I wish you would pass the exam! ^^

xlittle.girl said...

Succes met je examen! <3

Yak Man said...

ik doe vwo :D.
Daarom vraag ik wat je allemaal kan als je Chinees ga studeren etc, want dat wil ik misschien ook gaan doen n_n

Kym said...

you can do it!!!!! june is just around the corner. my plans starting june? get married and go on vacation! :P

p.s - those glasses suit you! :)

if-I-were-Audrey said...

aww so soon? mine will start at the end of July T__T

you look so cute :D

GretchTM said...

I hope you pass!

uhooi said...

great pictures!!xx

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Michelle Lee said...

love your frame :)

your newest follower here!

suki pooki said...

Wow so lucky to be finished you exams!!! I hope you taking your well deserved break now!!! Oh and yes I can't wait for summer vacation too! Even though I take a course during summer I still think of it as a break hahaha so strange ><

I still have a exam to do on thursday but I studied so much so I feel like spoiling myself and blogging =P Awww it sucks your friend didn't like tea, I hope you do go with your bf though =D A pizza part sounds nice too! You can't ever go wrong with pizza!

Anonymous said...

i have one month to go, too :3 and i can't wait for my summer holidays! i will go to china for two weeks, then bulgaria and then the baltic sea - everything is already planned *~*

ShuShu ♥