Monday, May 16


My laptop crashed a few days ago, so wasn't able to check your blogs and reply comments! but my boyfriend fixed it already so yeaH i'm back! i will reply sooN! still busy with school =(

Went to Ikea btw (a Swedish home products company) love the food! so cheap and yummy.


yiqin; said...

omg you just made me hungry :(

ochikeron said...

hi candy! your bf did a great job!!! i wonder why guys can fix pcs. hehehe

ikea at your place seems not that crowded! i envy you!!! last time we shop at ikea was really crowded and we gave up lining up the register... so we didn't get anything X( said...

ahhh look at all food, i'm jealous :(
thattt ikea looks like the one we have in norway haha :P

Anonymous said...

höhöhöhöhö ikea is so cool! *~*


suki pooki said...

Omg IKEA! I love ikea a lot, sometimes I just go to look at the furniture hahaha but then Im always trying to influence bf to buy stuff for his house LOL but I haven't been very successful so far but it's still fun =)

As for food, I love their cheap hotdogs! Do they have those there too or is it an American thing? haha the food at your Ikea looks a lot yummier! Last time I went to eat at my Ikea and the food wasn't that good and in fact I was disappointed at the quality of the dishes =( Oh well's it is still fast food style so can't expect too much I guess =p

Shirley said...

IKEAAAA :D hihi ! yeah i love their food too . coome to sweden soon , candy !! btw , it's good that you are writing in english , so I can understand your blog ;) xoxo