Sunday, May 8

Pizza! & new job!

I want to let you know i found a new part-time job! as a sales advisor at H&M !
My previous part time jobs were also in clothingshops like:
  • Peek&Cloppenburg (German company)
  • Warehouse (English clothing brand)
  • Mexx (Dutch company)
  • Vroom & Dreessmann fashion department (Dutch company) 
Do you know them? =)
i love clothes! 

Last week we went to an Italian restaurant in Rotterdam to celebrate my friend Doreen's birthday!
Doreen and me
Tessa & Doreen
My salmon pizza

Waha and the toilets scares me a lot! with scary music like in a horror movie XD 

 They food is very yummy! =D Good restaurant, only don't like the scary toilets wahahahha!  

*For the Dutch people: reserveer als je niet wil wachten op een tafel! ;) vaak is het namelijk erg druk. Wel is er een bank waar je kan wachten met je drankje wehehe =P


Yak Man said...

oe, leuke foto! :D
yummy pizza!
en wat is een sales advisor eigenlijk haha?
Maar wel cool dat je bij die winkels heb gewerkt :O

Linh said...

cool location and the pizza looks yummy. H&M? That's really cool and Peek Cloppenburg is a german company so I know the shop :D

Ice Pandora said...

Gefeliciteerd with your job!
Also happy birthday with your friend ^^
haha nu wil ik helemaal naar die restaurant haah xx

GretchTM said...

The pizza looks delicious! Congrats on the new job.

MayClover said...

Congratz! :D
I love pizza<3 hehe
woow wat een freaky toilets! whhaa XD zou daar niet in willen hoor!

Hercy said...

Congratulations on your job!! I would want to work for a fashion-related company too someday *thinks about The Devil Wears Prada* LOL Anyway, the pizza looks good! But I don't eat fish at all -__- And what? It's their toilet?! It's like you entered a horror house or something. LOL! =)

ochikeron said...

Hi Candy!

Congrats for your new job!!! Sounds exciting to work at H&M! It was one of my dream to work at apparel company when I was a student... but I worked at sushi restaurant. hehe

The pizza looks delicious :D

Supergirl said...

Wow, congrats with new work!!! I love H&M it's one of my favorites shops:)
Good luck for you there!

silviasiantar said...

really nice blog!

Supergirl said...

Thanks for following! Im following you as well - hope we will have nice bloggers friendship!:)
I had amazing time in Spain, soon I will do post with photos, so you will see!:)

suki pooki said...

Wah congrats on your new job!! all that food looks delicious! Can you tell Im actually starving right now? And worse of all I've been eating a lot of deep fried foods lately and all the zits are coming out! Wow you worked at a lot of clothing stores before, do you really like retail? I know I do but sometimes I prefer stock positions because there are times when I just don't want to deal with the public!

Omg, what kind of washroom is that?! That's one creepy bathroom, if it were me I would never go alone, I might even hold it in until I get home! haha but I probably wouldn't be able to since I have a peanut sized bladder <-- tmi? haha tell me if so!