Monday, July 4

The color of love.

Hope you all having a great holiday!
POLAROID pictures


DIAN said...

Thankyou voor je comment (en poging tot volgen xD) Ik heb het nu wat duidelijker aangegeven, thanks dat je het even zei! ^^

Je jurkje is zo cute! Leuke foto's! :3

Ice Pandora said...

Zo leuk zie je eruit :D
Supermooie jurk hoor ^___^
Lookin' fabfab!


MaggieW said...

nice pictures!!! I follow you dear! ;-)

Floor Daasvand said...

Superleuke foto's!
Dat jurkje staat je echt heel mooi :)

Mai Linh said...

thaaaaank you for your comment!
love your blog, you have a new follower ;)

Love, Mai Linh

Jessy said...

i luv Polaroid pictures~~~im thinking getting the camera myself~~~i think you look beautiful in red and the hat is gorgeous~~~


Dreamy Princess said...

That's bold! Love the red look(:

Awwhh..I want polaroid..! But sadly the papers are so pricey):

Dreamy Princess

suki pooki said...

You look super lovely in red!!! I love the huge hat and the matching dress! You and your bf are so cute! Those are nice polaroid pics, makes me want to get one still!! Ahhh but I need to save my money hahaha So hows your summer going dear? I hope well! It looks sunny and cheerful in your part of the world! It just started to get sunny here steadily, before it would always rain and be super cloudy to the point where mr.sun wouldn't be able to peek through =(

How's the retail job treating you? I just went to H&M today and bought myself a blouse! Over here H&M is considered a very afforable store, sort of like frorever21 but with a more classier style and not as casual as F21, wow I didn't know that H&M was considered a nice store in HK! But from what I remember the prices were still very cheap, maybe it's because Im from canada though.....but yes! It is always very busy because there is only one H&M in my city but they're opening up another one very soon!

Yes! Im still working up at my parents restaurant, so Im gone for the weekends but right now that's the only place I have internet, besides my bf's house, my house has no internet! T_T

MayClover said...

Oh leuke outfit Candy :D love it<3

Sick by Trend said...

beautiful!! :d you look pretty! I'm following!

Look my blog and follow me if you like :)


Lidiya said...

Beautiful colors - you look amazing in red! =)

Floor Daasvand said...

Check mijn blog ff, want ik heb je getagged :D

The Cat Hag said...

This is such a cute look, as if you are going to attend the races!

Love it. ♥

The Cat Hag

Pop Champagne said...

the pictures are cute, i've been thinking of investing in a polaroid camera lately actually, I like that style of pics

yiqin; said...

M3 polaroids :)

KAIWONG said...

ooeehh wauww !! the hat looks supercool on you !! I felt ashamed when I saw that i was not follwong you yet so hereby !! you got a new followerrrr