Friday, October 28

When we can turn our birthday gift into......

Next month is my birthdayyy! and i love the date so much whahaha!
YES it's 11-11-11 !!  =D

There is one present i think it's very special ! I WANT I WANT !
It's from Unicef the Netherlands!

So how does the DOEGOODIE work? 

1. You choose how much you want to give a friend for his/her birthday.
2. You choose for example: 50 euro.
3. In this case 50euro = 10.000 tablets for purify the water in third world countries. 
4. You pay 50 euro.
5. Unicef will turn the 50 euro into 10.000  water tablets.
6. Your friend will only receive a thankyou card from Unicef, because his/her birthday gift went to the third world countries. 

What do you think of it?? I think i will be happy that we can help so much people, just to turn your birthday present in some useful things for the poor children !

Go to this Dutch website for more: DOEGOODIES * CLICK 

Had a meeting today with two bloggers Mei from Icepandora & Dewi from Mayclover.
Pictures coming soon! =D it was fun girls! ^^


Anonymous said...

hiahiah i think your b'day date will bring you a lot of luck and happiness :3
so your wish is really very special.. so kind of you :)

ShuShu ♥

Yak Man said...

haha, ik vind dat nog best leuk! Maar als je dat doe bij iemand die er zelf niks van weet, dan denkt die vast wtf, wat is dit voor kaart XD.

MayClover said...

Jaaa was leukk hihi ;) (alleen stom dat ik jullie foto's niet heb gemaakt :O haha gelukkig kan ik altijd naar jullie blogs verwijzen).

11-11-11 :D omg amazing date!
Really like the Doegoodie idea


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Your birthday is one day after mine! We can celebrate together! XD

suki pooki said...

Omg It's almost your birthday! OMG On your birthday Im going to HK so Im going to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =DDD I think this would be a great idea for your birthday! In fact, Im doing something similar for Christmas! Can't wait! Omg I want to see the photos of you and the two other bloggers! I know all three of you!!! XD!



And what a fantastic wish! Really. It's very thoughtful of you. We have so much in our world and it's great that you think of others. It says a lot about your heart! :)

DIAN said...

Happy almost birthday! ^-^

That really is a fantastic birthday present wish~ :3


awww. Looks like such a FABULOUS NIGHT. I love all these photos! Amazinggg!