Friday, October 7


Hello sweet visitors !!
I'm joining a contest from GRAZIA MAGAZINE in the Netherlands,
for the 'best outfit''something like that =P
And i can win a trip to London, Milan and Paris! 

So i wanna ask : V O T E for ME please?!?! I will very appreciate it!!
you can vote with different e-mails
 you can win 1 of the 500 FASHION CHEQUES yourself by voting !
(i guess only for people in the Netherlands i dont know..)

What to do??
1. Fill in your e-mail in the box
2. Tick the box
3. Click : STEM NU (which means VOTE NOW in Dutch)

T H A N K Y O U !!!
Then an e-mail will be sent to your email address for CONFIRM.

PREVIEW pics for my next post!


Yak Man said...

HAHAH, ik ben best dom, ga zoeken naar de link, staat hij gewoon boven aan xd. Maar ik ga nu stemmen ^^. mooie foto ;o

Yak Man said...

ik krijg steeds error te zien o_o.

MayClover said...

I voted! Maar zie ook steeds error :O


Rosa Pel said...

i love your dress u are gorgeous