Sunday, November 27

Blogmeeting October

First, i want to thankyou all for the birthday wishes!!
At the moment I have a very busy period till January -_-'' You may already have noticed, i don't post that often anymore XD Need to write papers, got exams & my bachelor thesis!

Like I already said before, i had a blogmeeting with 2 other bloggers from the Netherlands!
It was fun girls! See you both next time! =D 
the bloggers: Icepandora - Mei  and Mayclover - Dewi 

The pictures! some were made by Mei from Icepandora (see watermark).
We went to the Hello Kitty exhibition in Leiden!
(more pics of the exhibition coming soon! i have my own showcase with my kitty stuff at this exhibition! ^^ )

Love the outcome of this pic! made by Mei

me and Mei
me and Dewi

COOKIES from Mei! how sweet ! =D <3


Ice Pandora said...

Yaaay finally haha <3

Yak Man said...

aah, ik had het al gelezen op mei's blog, maar ik had die koekjes niet gezien ;o. Ziet er zo lekker uit! Echt zulke leuke foto's zeg! :D

Joey said...

Saw this when Mei blogged about it. Looks like you guys had a great time. Good luck with school!

ochikeron said...

hi candy!

i love the kitty wallpaper! i am surprised that there are many kitty stuff going on over there than here! hehe

Mei めい said...

I'm following you already :D

suki pooki said...

It must have been fun meeting other bloggers! If I lived in netherlands then maybe we could meet too hee hee hee and Im so jealous of the hello kitty exhibit going on there! Good luck with your school too! I also have finals soon! ><