Friday, December 2

dinner 1 & dinner 2

Went to a buffet restaurant & tapas restaurant with friends! 


Yak Man said...

aaah, food <3, ziet er zo lekker uit zeg! En wat heb je een leuke trui aan op foto 1! ♥

Anonymous said...

arrw it looks so delicious! *Q*
seems like a great evening :'3

ShuShu ♥

Mei めい said...

Looks so delicious !
I love eating so much ><

Thi von said...

looks sooo tasty
thanks 4 ur cmt!

ur blog is so cute <3

suki pooki said...

Kyandi!!! Im finally back from vacay! This dinner looks delicious but you know what the funny thing is? Even though there is so much yummy looking food I just really want to take a bite of that bread! LOL I can already imagine it! I normally don't like to eat bread but when I go to those "nice" restaurants that give bread before the meal I always think the bread tastes soooo good, maybe because it's nice and toasted with yummy butter!

As for school, I actually skipped school hahaha but I worked extra hard the few weeks before my trip. I had to write two essays three weeks before they were actually due so I really had to not procrastinate ><

Fabrizia said...

Wow, everything sound so yummy!
Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

Cosa mi metto???

Ice Pandora said...

Waar bevind dat Olijf restaurant :P ?
Ben benieuwd!