Monday, January 23


Happy Chinese New Year everybody! =D
it's the year of the dragon! i am happy to be a dragon !

Finally my thesis is done! now waiting for the result..
i'm still tired of it weheh! I don't have new pictures actually..sorry for that =P

will update soon! & reply you all soon! also will check out your blogs soon!

Went shopping this clothes!! love it ! 
too bad there's no empty place in my closet anymore =(

Here is a picture of my new boots! it's from ZARA.
I really love rock style lately weheh!

Member gift from Unicef! love these postcards!


Ice Pandora said...

Allemaal gelezen op FB =w=
Butttt the Zara boots are nicenice!


suki pooki said...

Congrats on finishing your thesis!!!! Those boots look dangerous!!! I would never piss you off in case your kick me with those and I'll be bleeding and Im sure your bf is very nice to you when you wear them too hahahaha jkjk Im sure he's nice to you all the time!

Ahhh unicef! I use to do the monthly adoption thing too but with world vision but I stopped when I quit my job and I loved receiving letters and postcards too =) Happy Chinese new years to you and your family too!

Mei めい said...
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Mei めい said...

happy chinese new year ! :)
Congrats for finishing your thesis ^^

Big Dreamer

yiqin; said...

nice postcards <3