Sunday, May 20

Less is more

Busy again: exams ! =( more pics coming soon!
Thank you for all your comments !
Talk to you soon guys! <3

Love my tights.


Ice Pandora said...

Je blog leeft nog :D
Haha, mooie tights <3


mi-lou said...


Liefs, Mi-lou

xristina said...

Hey girl i nominated your for the liebster award on my blog!!I really understand you about the exams i have too in a few days and i'm so anxious about it!!Good luck with your exams!!

suki pooki said...

Loving this photo! Is it finally warm over there? It's warm here! Tee hee hee I'm so happy! Good luck with your exams!

P.s I'm having a giveaway right now, just don't want you to miss out ><

m i s s . t e a said...

WOW that is an amazing tee! Must be so cool to twirl around in x misstea & co.