Wednesday, July 4

KyandiiCandy here !

OMG ! my last post was in MAY !
Hope you all are doing well !! 

I have no school anymore, but still waiting for some results!
Do you guys also have holiday already?
I'm thinking to change my blog layout, so come back soon !! 


mi-lou said...

Leuk dat je weer terug bent, leuke look. Ik heb nu een give-away misschien wil je meedoen.x

Deborah said...

Welcome back! :D

Floor Daasvand said...

welcome back! <33

suki pooki said...

Hey Kyandi! Can't wait to see your new blog layout if you decide to change it! I've been wanting to change mines for a while but I have no idea what I want ><

I really like your dress in this photo and omg that bag looks interesting!!!! Hope you get great results!!!