Thursday, November 22

Summer flashback #1

Haven't blog for a few months, shame on me =$ 
So here are some pictures of my ' SUMMER 2012. '
I didn't go on holiday this summer, so pictures are taken in the Netherlands. 
Place: Horticultural World Expo Floriade Venlo. 


mi-lou hendriks said...

Super mooie foto's. Welke camera gebruik je of diegene?

Clouds said...

Amazing pictures! <3

Lisa said...

love these pictures! your summer looks so fun and happy! your outfits are ADORABLE!! i love your red sandals!

Feel the beat said...

I love your blog. Nice post.
Visit my blog.

fallow xo xo

Keki said...

Heyy :) Aww I want summer now >.< so baldy haha. The picture of you in that..massive pont/lake looks so nice ♥

Les is more said...

Oh, ik wil terug naar de zomer! Leuke foto's

suki pooki said...

Welcome back Kyandii! Of course I remember you! I am doing well thank you for asking!

This looks so fun and it looks so nice and warm, I really miss the sun haha I really love that first photo of you!