Monday, December 3

The first snowflakes..

The first snowflakes has fallen in the Netherlands ! 
Too bad I don't have a picture, but i'm sure i will have some snowpictures soon!
It's already December woOhoo! always a busy month for me.
What are your plans for December? 


Lolita in the Mix said...

The snow already melted away again here in the south :-( Thnx, followed you back on both!!

-xoxo- lorena

Tram Onbekend said...

Bedankt voor het volgen, ik heb je net terug gevolgd :) Leuke foto's trouwens.

mi-lou hendriks said...

Wat een leuke foto's

ylenia said...

Thanks for following, I've joined as follower 102!
Keep in touch ;)

Yak Man said...

oe, macaroons ♥. Ik ben blij dat de sneeuw weer weg is, want anders kan je niet fietsen :P

Joyce said...

ik volg je terug!

Grace Hui said...

thanks for the comment about the minnie mouse headband :) mmm those macarons look good!

Haha christmas is just around for corner and unfortunately no plans :(

followed u as well :) if u like my content feel free to follow back!

I see your blogger ext. is ".nl" which country is that?


Joey said...

What a HUGE toy!

Les is more said...

lovely pictures!

Laura Chan said...

i agree december is really busy. i have a lot of gifts and dinner to plan and prepare. i hope i get everything done in time. i procrastinate a lot tho.

and lovely pictures!

Anonymous said...

hey hoi,
jij ook bedankt voor je comment (:
lijkt me leuk om elkaar te followen !ik ben follower nr 25 op je bloglovin (:
woehoe haha xoxo

helena said...

Ah doe mij die macarons!

suki pooki said...

Omg giant stuffed bear at Ikea! I wanna see if my Ikea has it too, if it does I'll take a photo with it too hahaha They always have cheap stuffed animals and I always wanna bring them home. I have a handful of plans for December but I have to finish my finals too Booo!!!

Grace Hui said...

Ooo thats what .nl is! haha I think you're the first person i "met" from Netherlands! Nah, I'm from Canada haha though I do go shopping in the states from time to time and thanks for the follow!


Keki said...

Hey thanks ♥ Here we finally have snow, too! Quite a lot actually and its just gorgeous. But the streets are very slippery .(

Federica said...

I love your blog!!!:) i'm following you, visit my blog if you want :)