Monday, January 28

Bye Bye snow !

No more white landscapes,
No more freezing mornings and nights, No more dirty shoes.
Yes. The snow starts to melt ! 
Even it's winter, I still love to eat ice-cream haha!


Ice Pandora said...

Ik ken dat ijs! Alleen was
de mijne van chocolade truffel!
Ook een aanrader c:
Yaaay no snow! Ik wou eigenlijk
nog foto's maken van een echt
goed winter landschap... zit
er niet echt in voorlopig :P


mumuji said...

Whoah... never seen Carte Dor icecream like that before... but I agree... its never too cold for icecream! I love Carte Dor and Haagan Daz!

Lisa said...

ohhhhh love your outfit!! your fur vest is soo so cute!!

haha i eat ice cream year round too even while it's snowing.. that ice cream looks delicious!

Stephanie Lin said...

This good looks so tasty!

khusbu said...

u've got a gr8 style... i love u're blog... want to follow eachother??? if so folow me and let me know.. i'll follow back for sure.. :)

Dianda said...

Awe, i love snow!

Winnie said...

I'm glad the snow has gone, I hated walking to work in the snow and when it started though! That dessert looks yummy too!

GlamourDrama said...

beautiful pics dear!!! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment. now following and looking forward to your future posts! maybe we can also keep in touch via fb/bloglovin? let me know :)

Chiara said...

Oh my dat ziet er zo heerlijk uit! Jumm!

khusbu said...

thnx for following honey.. followed u back..

Josephine said...

Oeh dat ziet er lekker uit! said...

nice pic!! :)
and i love that ice-cream <3
what about following each other?

Sorana Nistor said...

i love the vest!
maybe you would like to follow each other?

MissThing said...

Oh die ijsjes zien er lekker uit! Ben dol op ijs ;-) Ben blij dat de sneeuw nu wel weg is hoor.

Anna said...

lovely post! the ice cream looks delicious!
I would love you to visit my blog and if you want we can follow each other via GFC and bloglovin! Let me know!
Have a nice day!

Eline said...

inderdaad: het is altijd tijd voor ijs!

Violet said...

Your blog is really lovely! Gosh the ice cream looks so yummy... Am now a follower :D

Would love a follow back :D

Laxmi Gurung said...

Thanks for stopping by sweety! This is such a great post (: Like it! Following you back via bloglovin, keep in touch!xx


Jolien Van Daele said...

The good thing about it becoming a wee bit warmer is that the time for eating ice creams is approaching!


suki pooki said...

Oddly enough I usually want to eat ice cream when it's cold out hahaha except one time in Paris, it was so hot I was willing to pay anyprice to get some ice cream! ><

Your fur vest is so nice and yay to no more dirty shoes! Hahaha Something only girls worry about =P But then again snow also means dirty car floor right? lol

P.S I know! TVB dramas can be so addicting, like I always want to know what happens next!!!

Stephanie Arens said...

Hele leuke foto's!

We Are MIXT Bloggers said...

leuke outfit! En wat ziet dat ijs er heerlijk uit! Ik kende het helemaal niet. Ik volg je:)

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