Wednesday, March 30

How Vietnamese am I ??

Because of my surname many people think that i'm Vietnamese XD
Ok so how Vietnamese am i actually??
  1. Yes. I got a Vietnamese surname, actually it's a 100% Chinese surname.
    Just because my grandparents moved to Vietnam they needed to translate the Chinese surname into a readable Vietnamese one.
  2. My parents are born and raised in Vietnam.
    So they speak the Vietnamese language fluently.
  3. Still got a lot of family in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City.
  4. I went a few times to Vietnam for holiday.
  5. Love my mommy's homemade Vietnamese food.
  6. I can speak some basic Vietnamese words
Except for all of this..i'm 100% Chinese =)

Last week we went to a Vietnamese restaurant 'VIVU' in Rotterdam (my friend works there XD)
Here are some pics!
My sister & me
BanXeo: Vietnamese pancake

Me & my boyfriend

Actually it was my first time eating in a Vietnamese restaurant here in the Netherlands. Compared to the food I ate before in Vietnam and at home this was not very was ok XD anyways it was fun for once! 

 Next time i will post some pics of our HOMEMADE VIETNAMESE FOOD! ♥ hihihi


Kym said...

the food looks good but i'm sure it's not as authentic as home cooked version or the ones from vietnam itself! :P Your post about vietnamese last name reminds me of my fiance... he's chinese by blood but he considers himself Filipino, he even speaks the language better than i do and has lived in the Philippines longer than i have! haha!

Kym said...

hey girl! i'm glad you like my blog and my shirts! yes, i'm 100% filipino but i get mistaken for being chinese/japanese/korean all the time. Actually, i've been mistaken for everything except for african american. hahaha! Yes, I use photoshop to work on all my designs, i also use my tablet and sometimes, i'll just use good ol' pencil and paper and enhance it digitally. :) you should pursue your dreams!

Ice Pandora said...

Don't worry you look 100% Chinese to me girl :) xx
Oooh I likey Vietnamese foodies ^^

MayClover said...

Yummy food ^^
You are both? Haha grapje, je bent gwn Chinese toch ;) xx

HitomiNeko said...

=P that’s cool~ as long we don’t lose our blood culture completely~ I think we’re still good.. hahahha..

xoxo hitomineko xoxo
*deco mirror giveaway ends soon*

HitomiNeko said...

=P that’s cool~ as long we don’t lose our blood culture completely~ I think we’re still good.. hahahha..

xoxo hitomineko xoxo
*deco mirror giveaway ends soon*

suki pooki said...

I think you definitely look Chinese or maybe it's because Im also Chinese so I can tell more...easily? LOL I would love to visit Vietnam one day since it's where my bf was born! I also love homemade Vietnamese food! Once I tried it I never want to eat in "Vietnamese restaurants" again! Homemade pho is to die for!!! And that other noodle...the spicy one and the Vietnamese name sounds like "bum bo way" LOL!!!! but I call it bom bom noodles =P

The restaurant looks so nice and elegant, we don't have anything like that here! All the Vietnamese restaurants are like normal hong kong style cafes and some are not a few of then open 24/7 and will attract a certain type of crown if you know what I mean =P

You and your bf are a super cute couple!!!!! How long have you two been together? Oh and I love your peacoat, adorable!!!

Tony said...

I once ate Vietnamese food in the Netherlands and it was......

Fucking disgusting....^^

About your name.....Whats your last name? Vuong?

GretchTM said... and your sister look cute. Love your outfits.

agg said...

this food looks splendidly:) I am inviting to my blog!:) I am greeting

Yak Man said...

Oee, lekker eten ;o. Wat is je achternaam dan ;o? Spreek je canto chinees of mandarijns haha