Thursday, March 31

Special haircuts

I'm a lover of special haircuts...!
You all haven't seen the backside of my hair right?(ok some of you already saw it @my FB)
So want to show you all my current 'special' haircut. 
Still busy with school! so will show you another time my other special haircuts XD


Texie said...

Wooow that's awesome :D looks great on you

Kym said...

That's awesome! i don't think i'd be bold enough to try something like that, but you pull it off very nicely! :D

HitomiNeko said...

I think that looks cute. I am never really able to do bold hair cuts cuz of the wavy hair.. it really wouldn’t last long.. ^^”~ hehehe lucky u

xoxo hitomineko xoxo
*deco mirror giveaway ends soon*

suki pooki said...

Wow that's super bold of you! Im curious to see how it looks when you tie your hair up! lol

Oh the food at tea is not too sweet, about half of it is sweet and maybe you can trade with your tea partner if they like sweet foods lol! My bf is Vietnamese and born there too but he moved to Canada when he was about 5 or 7 =)

Oh wow so Vietnamese food is sort of a delicacy there I guess? Over here both Vietnamese and sushi is super common so there are lots of places that make it cheap and we also have lots of AYCE places too! I think our's might a bit cheaper, maybe around 30$ =D But for me it's not worth it because I can't eat that much hahahaha

There are some photos of my and my bf in some of my previous posts but I will keep it in mind and take one for you and hope to post it soon! My bf and I dated for 3.5 yrs now and August will be our 4th anni! Wow we are exactly one year away from each other! lol Im 21 and will be turning 22 in September! I feel so old since Im still in school ><

hahahaha I spend lots of money on materialistic things too like clothes and bags =) currently trying to save up for something big though! Im studying Art History right now, how about you? =D

GretchTM said...

Neat! The style looks great on you!

MayClover said...

Nog steeds awesome! Maar het is toch niet moeilijk te stijlen elke dag? xx

Titine and totoche said...

Hello!! Sorry for taking such a long time to respond!! Bad bad me!!

Your haircut is sooo cool!!
Also, about your hello kitty collection, so you have a lot of stuff?? My friend, that I told you about, she has a pencil case, pens, markers, a pillow, pijamas, keychain, laptop cover, and even something that covers the steering wheel of her car, and that's only what I've seen hehe.

Titine & Totoche

Ice Pandora said...

Super stoer dat laag van achter!
God, I miss my long hair =_=
Anyway jaa het was in Donner maar die poppetjes was uit giftshop ergens in Den Haag :P xxx
Donner verkoopt naast boeken ook veel cute hebbedingetjes xxx

The Cat Hag said...

Hey Pretty,

I love your haircut, it's super unique!!

I think you and your BF look very cute together in photos. ♥♥

The Cat Hag

Lea Soe said...

Woow, I love your special haircut. So stylish :)

I am a new follower now. I hope you will take a look at my blog, and follow if you like.

jass said...

woow :o
I'm not brave enough to do something like this :D