Sunday, April 24

Car exhibition

Few days ago was my boyfriend's birthday! Because he's a Formula 1, race and car fan we went to: AUTORAI 2011! It's a car exhibtion in Amsterdam every two years, in 2009 was my first time XD lot of beautiful cars! We made more than 300 pictures, but i will only post a few hihiih


Kym said...

happy birthday to him! my fiance is also a big car fan and likes going to these auto shows... i'm usually his photographer when we go. haha! :P

Kym said...
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GretchTM said...

Awesome cars. Happy birthday to your boyfriend! :)

The weather is definitely getting better where I'm at. I hope it stays that way!

Yak Man said...

Gefeliciteerd met je vriendje! :D
Je hebt een erg leuke jurk aan, die foto van carglass is grappig xd

Ice Pandora said...

Kyandiiiiii die jurk wou ik ook kopen!
Echt waar =w= maar ik vond hem best duur.. anwyay
wel super leuke foto's en auto's :D


Hercy said...

Happy birthday to your boyfriend! You are such a cute and sweet couple! ^^ And I remember my ex-bf with this post, we used to go to car shows as well! o_O

suki pooki said...

Looks like you two had a great time celebrating your bf's bday! (happy belated bday btw lol) You two look so cute together and I love how you dressed up for the show! Was it unintentional? lol I love how your bf takes photos of you unnoticed! I think those are always the best ones! =D

ochikeron said...

I just read your profile and you are with your bf since 2006! That's amazing long :)

Happy birthday to him!!!