Saturday, April 16


My schedule:
16th April
- Study study & study
17th April - Study study & study
18th April - Marketingplan + exam Advanced Marketing Management

19th April - exam Human Resource Management
20th April - Presentation Chinese
21th April - My boyfriend's birthday!! =D
22th April - I'm bacKKK! 

I will blog again after my exams..
& also reply your comments + check out your blog posts.
I'm totally not up to date anymore about you all..=(
So you may see me back this FRIDAY!


Yak Man said...

woow, study study study @_@
Wat voor opleiding doe je :)?
Good luck!

suki pooki said...

I really know how you feel, this is also my schedule for the next two weeks as my exams are spaced apart. Just remember to take some time out to breathe and relax!!! Or else you might explode and we don't want that! I can't believe uni makes exams on Saturdays, that should be illegal T_T Good luck with you studying and exams! I've got my first one today! ><

GretchTM said...

Wow! So busy! Good luck with everything!

MayClover said...

Veel suc6 Candy! ;]

suki pooki said...

Kyandi!!! I finally finished one exam but still have two to go! I hope you're holding up alright and good luck with your exams!