Tuesday, April 12

Nice pattern!

Available: 20th April Japan


Yak Man said...

OOMG, DIE MAKE-UP TASJE OFZO <3. Die moet ik hebben haha, ook al heb ik al een make-uptasje van Hello Kitty xD.

MOON said...

Oh so cute! Bij de Claires hebben ze nu ook sailor hello kitty dingetjes :D

GretchTM said...

So cute!!!

suki pooki said...

It's so unfair that the Japanese always gets the cue hk stuff first! (well I guess it makes sense since they did "make" her lol!) HK stuff in my city is ALWAYS overpriced, by a lot too!!!! =( So it's hard to splurge money for something like hk ><

I hope you're doing well! Im still studying for finals (actually heading out to a study meet in a bit) darn it, I will remember all then names of the artists!!!!! I keep telling myself that but I always forget the dates, Im horrible with numbers, I nearly failed math 12!!!!

P.s I love he huge bow on the the zipper of the makeup bag (the last bag on the bottom right)

MayClover said...

Deze zijn echt leuk!!
Candy! Wist je dat er in Rdam (Blaak) een Hello Kitty winkel is?? ;D x