Saturday, June 25


I'm very busy with work..! my longest workday this week was from 8AM till 8PM!  omg
that's because the sale periode started already at the H&M.

Will reply you all soon! and i'm gonna make lots of pics this week btw ;) STAY TUNED!

Bought a polaroid camera few weeks ago btw! MINI 25 Fujifilm instax.


Ice Pandora said...

SO niceeeee <3
Ik ben aan het sparen :P

Jessy said...

OMG they look sooo cute~~~i want one too~~~~


suki pooki said...

Wah!!! A polaroid!!! I wanted one while I was in Japan but decided against it and now that I bought my nex5 I probably won't be able to get it for a looong time!! >< But I will live through you so make sure you take a bunch of awesome photos *which Im sure you will* so we can all see!! I've always wanted to buy the hello kitty and disney film rolls! I also like how you got a nice case for it too!

Wow H&M is working you like crazy but then you'll be a rich lady right? hahahah don't worry about the blogging world too much and make sure you get enough rest so you don't overwork yourself and break down!

Yak Man said...

wow, 8-8 werken ;o. Good luck! Die camera is echt cool zeg! ;o

Anita said...

Polaroid! Aw, you're so lucky :3

ochikeron said...

wow cute!!! you always find a cute stuff!!! some japanese girls love this kind of camera and was featured on TV the other day :D

Mai Linh said...

i want to have one too ♥

Floor Daasvand said...

dat camera'tje is cool :3

ik heb trouwens alweer een tijdje geleden een review over mijn nieuwe kwastenset geplaatst ;)

michelle_ said...

CUTE INSTAXX ! i want one of these polaroid cams !

www.glisters and

Cathy said...

I love your red outfit and you could never go wrong in investing in a polaroid

Joey said...

Oh, you bought the Mini Instax! I have the 7s in blue. You're going to have so much fun with it. Too bad the films are so expensive :(