Friday, July 29

Bling bling !

I WANT THIS NECKLACE : My favourite!

$ 8000 !
Go here for the whole collection: SWAROVSKI X HELLO KITTY

I think the face of Hello Kitty looks a bit weird in some products. So it gives me a fake product effect, even it's real from Swarovski and Sanrio XD 

*for more Hello Kitty, you can take a look at my old blog.
Even though I don't update there anymore :  OLD BLOG


Joey said...

I saw the collection and fell in love with some of the items, but don't think I'd be able to afford them. I love the earrings, but wish they made studs insteade of dangly ones. Still beautiful nonetheless

Misseblog said...

Very pretty and sparkly xx

suki pooki said...

Everything in this collection is soooo adorable! Are you planning on getting the necklace?! I wish they made some items with gold hardware! Im not a huge fan of silver =( But I really do like the cute hello kitty crystals! But..they just look cute and sit there for almost 300$!!! T_T

I hope the weather cheers up over there! It seems like summer around the world isn't that great this year! The newspaper even published an article of how the people are getting depressed without the sun when it's summer! Ahh Im like you too! I bought dresses etc. for summer and's not hot!!! Oh when does school start for you? August? I will hunt H&M more for great finds like your bag! =D I hope you're doing well!

DIAN said...

Oh so adorable! Maar onmogelijk voor mij om ooit te kopen XD *sob*

Liep jij toevallig vandaag in Den Haag ergens rond China Town? Ik dacht dat ik je zag met je vriend =O Not sure. Ik was vandaag toevallig in Den Haag ^^


Floor Daasvand said...

Me wants! Echt serieus hoe leuke spullies ;D