Wednesday, August 3

Wish me luck!

I have lot of pics still needed to upload XD
First of all want to share something with you all!

From 10th September till 18th November there will be a Hello Kitty exhibition in the Netherlands!
near my University how awesome is that for me! =P Hello Kitty Hello Holland

The big news is: they were searching for the BIGGEST Hello Kitty fan in the Netherlands! And yes, i joined this competition! 

 All i had to do was send a picture of my whole Hello Kitty collection.

Take a look at my pictures...
you can't see everything because a lot of products are just too small =(

*for more Hello Kitty, you can take a look at my old blog.
Even though I don't update there anymore :  OLD BLOG


Aii-Yiing said...

Volgnes mij is de Hello Kitty museum in HongKong wel iets voor jou, haha.
Maar je hebt echt superleuke dingen van Hello Kitty!! ♥♥

Mai Linh said...

omg, i loooooove hello kitty! ♥

Linh said...

wow so many hello kitty stuff :D

Wish you luck :))

Joey said...

Oh my, all the best in the contest! I hope you win. You're a true HK fan! Look at all those amazing stuff!
Btw, did you get anything from the Swarovski collection? I'm thinking of getting a pair of earrings, but I'm still on my stupid shopping ban

DIAN said...

Whoa impressive collection! *-* I'm soo jealous XD Veel succes met de wedstrijd! ^^

suki pooki said...

Wow that's sooooo much HK stuff I say that your chances of winning is really really high!!! Good luck! haha It takes me a long time to deco my stuff out too and I wish I had more time for it, school starts in September for me too! Oh darn so the hello kitty head is fairly small? Im really interested in seeing them in real life but I don't think the stores in my city have them yet....o0o0o0o Germany sounds fun! If you do, please take some photos and post them on here! =D

Floor Daasvand said...

Mijn moeder wordt echt gek van mij omdat ik steeds over Hello Kitty begin wuahahah xD Telkens als ik iets van Hello Kitty zie zeg ik super enthousiast: OOH KIJK!!! En dan kijkt mijn moeder echt van: omg ze lijkt wel een klein kind xD

KAIWONG said...

mijn beste vriendin zou een moord doen voor jou verzameling !! ik laat het er maar niet zien voordat ze gek word!! hahahah


The Hearabouts said...

Omg, and i thought i had a lot of Hello Kitty stuff! :))
Wow yours are so so cool! Awesome collection! :)


The Hearabouts