Thursday, August 25

I will post soon!

I'm back from GERMANY! 

I have a lot of new pics!
Will post it all soon!

So what pics can you expect?

  • the city Düsseldorf and Köln in Germany!
  • Castle Garden in the Netherlands
  • Cupcakes! 
  • Food pics!


suki pooki said...

OMG!!! I can't wait to see your photos from Germany! Bf and I are thinking about going there for out next trip *shhhh* Im not suppose to tell anyone yet hahaha but I can't wait to see your photos!!!!

suki pooki said...

P.s I went to my swarovski store and they were almost sold out of the entire hello kitty stuff! They only have one necklace and a pair of earrings left T_T

Floor Daasvand said...

Ik ben benieuwd ;3

Yak Man said...

foooood <3. hihi