Monday, August 29

Lock of Love

Went 3 days with my boyfriend to Germany!
Here are some pics at the Hohenzollern Bridge - Köln in Germany
also known as the Lock of Love bridge from Germany!

Ok more pics comin soon!
definitely will go to the other Lock of Love places
in the world a
nd put our love lock there! ♥
Carved our name in the lock! KEVIN & CANDY ♥ 2011
Do you see our lock?!?!
the keys! the tradition is: throw the keys in the water, then your love will lock forever!
1...2...3.... and THROW! keys in the air! XD
the bridge


Yak Man said...

Omg way leuk! Dat moet je ook even in parijs en seoul doen.:p. Want daat heb je dat ook :).

Floor Daasvand said...

Echt onwijs leuk gebaar :D Misschien dat ik dat ook ooit ga doen :)

Aii-Yiing said...

Thanks! Ben jaloers dat jij nog vakantie heb ^^

Aaahww, dat is zo leuk/mooi ( weet geen woordkeuze :') )

ochikeron said...
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ochikeron said...

how romantic!!!♡

you know what!? i am going to the hello kitty exhibition this coming saturday ;D there are many kitty designed for famous people like lady gaga!!! i hope i can post about it if i could take some pics :)

ochikeron said...

really?! you have to show me your collection displayed, too!!! i didn't know that there's a contest of that kind :D

i heard that there's a severe typhoon coming this weekend... i hope i can go to the exhibition X(

Dominique B. said...

Cute blog you got here!!! i just started following you!
The Niknok Style

Joey said...

Awww how sweet! I must look for it when I visit Germany. My bf and I tried to look for the one in Paris, but we ran out of time so we didn't get to lock our lock on the bridge :(

In reply to your comment:
Yes, I did get the red bow Hello Kitty earrings. I posted it in the post below the one you commented. You just missed it :D

xixi said...

Supercute! hahaaha

MayClover said...

Yeeeh zo gaaf die Lock of love ;D

Kym said...

ooooo i love the personalized locks and the tradition of throwing the keys in the water! and the wall of locks!!! haha! can u tell i'm a sucker for cultural traditions like that? :P

Ruth Arthasya said...

Unique <3333333


Ruth Arthasya said...

Unique <3333333


Yak Man said...

omg, dat is echt cool dat je ouders in souel hebben gewoond o_o! hoezo hebben ze daar eigenlijk gewoond ;d?

michelle_ said...

i remember going to that sort of bridge in paris <3 such a unique tradition..

DIAN said...

Oh such a cute tradition! :3 Wanna do that sometime too!

sabrina maida said...

very colorfull lock , and romantic with uniq tradition. i wish you'will loving eacth other with your bf forever :)

helena said...

O wow dat is zooo geweldig!
Ik wil er sowieso een keer heen ook al heb ik geen vriend! Haha

Jan said...

Wow wat een supergaaf idee!