Monday, September 5

KyandiiCandy in the MEDIA !

Do you still remember i joined 'the biggest Hello Kitty fan from the Netherlands' contest ?! the contest result will be announced at  23th October. During the Hello Kitty exhibition, i will try to keep all the Hello Kitty fans here up to date about it! ok ?!                                            

I am happy & excited ! why?! :

because joining this contest and my love for Hello Kitty (limited edition) I had the chance to have a LIVE interview at the radio (9th September) ! & an interview with the biggest newspaper from the Netherlands : 'de Telegraaf '.
Tomorrow i will have another interview i guess with the newspaper : NRC Handelsblad =)

for the Hello Kitty fans in the Netherlands:  if you want to see a part of my limited edition stuff, just go to the exhibition! HELLO KITTY HELLO HOLLAND, because i will exhibit some items of my collection there! Send me a message, if you have any questions! CONTACT

And thankyou all for your comments! I read them all! will reply them soon! Here a quick update! some pics from my trip in Germany, more will come!


Yak Man said...


Je hebt trouwens een superleuke jurk aan <3_<3.
En die starbucks bij elkaar zijn zo schattig, haha!

Ice Pandora said...

Ik vind jurk supersupersuper gaaaaaf <333

ochikeron said...

you are super gorgeous and famous, candy!!!

i guess you cannot post any pics here of your collection, but if you can (later), i wish to see them :D

suki pooki said...

Omg Congrats on your good luck! It's great that your collection is getting some press coverage! =DDD

Oh and I a sort of bad news, my bf and I won't be going to Germany anymore, we've decided on another place instead but when we did go we wanted to travel down the romantic road. I can't exactly remember the places but we would've gone to rothenburg! =DDD Oh wells, next time! Oh I think the hello kitty collection won't restock anymore =( The SA told me if I wanted something specific I will need to place a special order for it, but oh wells I just wanted to see it, everything is too expensive for me to buy right now LOL Since I don't LOVE anything from the collection. I hope you've been doing well and it's been mighty hot here lately!!!

Floor Daasvand said...

Die jurk is echt gaaf :D
Echt zo cool dat je mee doet aan de grootste HK-Fan van NL :D

Amber said...

Aah, ik vind je jurk zooo mooi!

Senita said...

Mooi jurkje! :D

Jan said...

Wat leuk voor je dat je zover bent gekomen (:
Ik vind zelf Hello Kitty wel leuk,
maar ben er geen gigantische fan van,
kwam er laatst wel achter dat ik nog een aantal Hello Kitty poppetjes enzo heb haha!
Die ga ik toch maar eventjes in m'n kamer zetten denk ik ^^'