Wednesday, September 7

Hello Kitty exhibition Sieboldhuis update #1

I had a sneak preview yesterday at the exhibition! not everything was done yet.
But omg it's gonna be awesomE ! love it !

Today 7th September:
I woke up early this morning, went to the shop and bought the Dutch newspaper
'de Telegraaf' and YES there was my name and interview !

Here my two newest Hello Kitty purchases :


Aii-Yiing said...

ik vind je nieuwe spullen echt leuk! Hello Kitty! ^^
Ja, ik ben echt blij met monki in Rotterdam. Ik woon namelijk in Rotterdam. Lekker dichtbij :)

Ice Pandora said...

That backpack = kawaiiii
Oh oh oh waar heb je die ring trouwens gekocht :o


Anna Muchart. said...

cute blog:), i follow you if you like my blog follow me!!

xoxo A.

Lini Trinh said...

i love kitty. There are so many sweet thing you can immediately falling in love <3

ochikeron said...

i like the ribbon ring, candy!
how cute :D i wish i could find it here in japan!!!

Diana said...

omg I love your hello kitty nerd bag! ^_^ where did you get it?

helena said...

Die ring is awesome!

Florence said...

kawaii bag :D

yiqin; said...

that ring is so cute :)


um EEEK. Hello Kitty is the absolute CUTEST.

Kym said...

whoa whoaaaa newspaper feature? so awesome!!! i love your hello kitty ring but for some reason, i am not too keen on trying two finger rings. i feel like i would feel to restricted with my two fingers together. haha!