Friday, September 23

Medienhafen - Düsseldorf

How are you all? also busy with school/work?  

My picture is on the website of the biggest newspaper of the Netherlands ! ;)
*CLICK HERE for the article*
And for the Hello Kitty fans in the Netherlands, don't forget to visit the Hello Kitty exhibition! 
Those pics are also from my trip to Germany in August.


Yak Man said...

erg leuke foto's en wtf dat worst is wel heel lang xD

Erika said...

Gorgeous photos, u guys look so happy! made me feel like traveling now :)

ps: thx so much for ur lovely comment on my post, really appreciate it! I'm following ur cute hello kitty blog now :) pls do follow mine too if u haven't already, it'll mean so so much to me! thx :)


Diana said...

wow shipping costs a bomb to order things online though I like your hello kitty updates are you going to the exhibition? We don't have one here haha! :)

Anonymous said...

The Pics are very nice.
I am living in germany but have never been in Düsseldorf >.<

Amber said...

Lovely photographs! You looked sweet that day.


Limasim said...

die bilder sind wunderschön <3

suki pooki said...

Omg congrats in getting onto the media!!!!! I opened it to see your name! hahahah such a dork and omg your hello kitty backpack is adorable!!!! l o v e s! It looks like you had a great time in Germany! I wanna change travel plans now but bf will get sooooo angry with me if I changed again hahaha but I will definitely visit Germany sometime! The buildings look amazing! Like something my bf would really like seeing hahaha I personally like older stuff more and the main reason I wanna go Germany is to see all the castles!!! wo0o0ot! You and your bf look so cute! Did you ask strangers to take photos for you?

Thanks for asking about my courses! Everything was settled in the end so Im glad! hahaha I wish it was still warm here...well...actually it is! The temperature is high but it's raining a lot, it's strange, in all my 2* years here I never saw this weather before. It really reminds me of Asia where it's warm and it rains...weird! But no humidity or else I might not be able to stand it here!

Anonymous said...

Should I comment in german? :D
I live in Ludwigshafen am Rhein ^^