Monday, December 24

My Christmas snacks!

Merry Merry Christmas everybody !
Here are my Christmas snacks !!
My sister bought Santa Clause ice-cream ! 

it was soooo yummy !


Ice Pandora said...

Tasty Christmas foodies c:
Leef je lekker uit Kyandii :P


gotyourownstyle said...

dat is zulk lekker ijs he !
wij hebben thuis de sneeuwengeltjes versie (:
jij ook merry christmas !

Les is more said...

Oh gosh, wat een lekkernijen! Mmm.
Ik wens jou ook hele fijne dagen, geniet er van!

MayClover said...

Yummy Christmas snacks Candy :D !
Merry Christmas ;) xx

Laura Chan said...

Wow they look delicious!!! I can never bake!

Merry christmas to you! hope you had a wonderful time with you family and friends. hope you got everything you wished for!

Looking forward to your future posts!

Britt said...

Had ik al gezegd dat je een keigave header hebt? Echt super!

Joey said...

Nom nom nom! Everything looks so yummy.
Hope you had a lovely Xmas!

suki pooki said...

The Santa clause ice cream looks adorable! Did it taste good too? And that pie, yum yum yum!