Friday, December 14

Pre-Christmas dinner at work !

It was a yummy dinner! =D & love the nameplate with my name !
This is in our lunchroom at office! looks like a real restaurant right? =D
decorated by my colleagues.
Deer steak ! have you ever eat deer meat? it's yummy, not a weird taste or something


Ice Pandora said...

Ziet er heerlijk uit!
Ik heb honger :P Wanneer
gaan we nou met z'n 3en
iets doen?!


mi-lou hendriks said...

Nu heb ik echt te honger ♥

Anonymous said...

This dinner looks awesome!


Yak Man said...

DAt ziet er zo lekker uit zeg! :D

s2danii. said...

omg the food looks so good! The table decor is beautiful. Happy holidays :)

Amber said...

Ah, dat ziet er lekker uit zeg. Je zag er zelf ook heel leuk uit.
De tafel is mooi gedekt.

suki pooki said...

Wow all the food looks so good and nicely presented! The dessert looks great! I never tried deer meat before but I've tried ostrich lol (tastes just like beef =S) Your work lunch room looks so nice! Maybe take a photo of what it looks like normally too hahahaha

Grace Hui said...

:| deer steak.... LOL How does it taste? haha That can't be an office! It looks wayyy too nice to be !

Oo I haven't been to Netherlands but in comparison to England, then yep Canada and states food is much much cheaper than Europe! Portions are a lot bigger as well (esp in the states). Yep Miss Selfridge :) is that like a ... H&M? or more on the premium side?

Sigh I wish shipping could be just cheaper! haha


TheJessicat said...

Loving the christmas spread and the decor! Merry xmas! :D

Jenny / Rocknrollerr said...

dat ziet er lekker uit :O

X Jenny